The Bumper Bro is a kayak keel guard that is designed to be mounted to the front of your kayak to avoid damaging it with deep gouges or scratches when landing and launching.

This kayak keel protector is formed to suit your specific kayak and protect the nose when coming into landings with hard surfaces that can damage the plastic front of the kayak. This is perfect for people that launch at boat ramps, oyster beds, rocks, and other abrasive surfaces.

The kayak keel guard is made from thermoformed ABS plastic. We recommend installing it with marine goop or another adhesive that will not degrade the kayak material over time. These can also be attached with 3m VHT tape but we recommend putting an adhesive around the edges to ensure the part can’t have sand or debris find its way down. The part is formed with large sides to give the part a good area for bonding and holding onto your kayak.


  • Once you have acquired the appropriate Bumper Bro to suit your kayak, flip your kayak to allow you to work.
  • If you have a used kayak with scuffs, cuts, and chips, smooth off any large tags of plastic with sandpaper.
  • Clean the surface of the kayak with Isopropyl Alcohol where the Bumper Bro is to be installed and allow to dry.
  • Clean any dust from the inside of the Bumper Bro with Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Apply a generous amount of marine grade adhesive to the kayak.
  • Apply a generous amount of marine grade adhesive to the Bumper Bro approximately 15mm from the lip, this will allow adequate space for the adhesive to spread without spilling out of the part.
  • Firmly press the Bumper Bro to the nose of the kayak and using tension straps secure into place.
  • To get a flush seal on the Bumper Bro, squeeze a bead of adhesive around the lip of the part against the kayak and clean off the excess.
  • Leave the Bumper Bro for 48 hours before taking the kayak on the water to ensure Bumper Bro is stuck.